8 Things to Know About Google Analytics 4

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Google Analytics 4 is the latest version of Google’s analytics platform. The current version of Google Analytics, Universal Analytics, will no longer process traffic as of July 1st, 2023. At that point any visitor tracking, or conversion tracking — as well as any report in Google Universal Analytics — will no longer contain new data. As a result, to continue collecting web traffic information, you will need to migrate to Google Analytics 4. Here’s my top 10 things you should know prior to converting your analytics to GA4.

1.) Google Analytics 4 Data Migration

First, it’s not possible as of this writing to migrate your historical Google Universal Analytics data into Google Analytics 4. Data will not be backfilled, and data will only be collected in GA4 once the account is created. Google suggests running GA4 and Universal Analytics side by side to begin to build data in GA4 while you move away from UA.

Note, that you can migrate annotations to GA4 from Universal Analytics, using the CSV bulk upload tool. You can see a full tutorial on how to do that here.

While it’s known that Universal Analytics will stop processing data on July 1st, 2023, it’s not known when Universal Analytics will no longer be accessible. My suggestion is to add the GA4 tag as soon as possible to begin collecting data. Then once the data is close enough for comfort, make an annotation of that date and you’ll know what system holds what data.

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All About the Cleveland Aer Lingus Flight to Dublin

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On September 29th, 2022 Aer Lingus announced it will begin servicing Cleveland Hopkins Airport. Aer Lingus is an Irish-based airline, with a hub in Dublin, Ireland. Aer Lingus will fly directly between Cleveland and Dublin 4 days weekly, starting May 29th, 2023. Cleveland was able to attract the airline through $12 million in incentives — essentially minimum traveler guarantees & marketing funds — over 3 years.

The flights are scheduled for Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday, and will take off out of Cleveland at 8:20pm with a duration of 7 hours and 30 minutes. Returning to Cleveland, from Dublin will take 8 hours and 30 minutes, and will depart from Dublin at 3:30pm.

Both flights are longer than the WOW airlines flights to Keflavik, Iceland — the last time Cleveland had “transatlantic” service. However if you’re connecting to a mainland European location, the overall in-air travel time will end up being shorter with Aer Lingus.

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A Stream of Thoughts on That Will Never Work by Marc Randolph

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Marc Randolph is a incredibly charismatic. In fact, if I were to build a list of top business people to follow on Tiktok, he’d be listed high. Much like his TikTok, his book That Will Never Work, the story of Netflix, is light-hearted and entertaining.

There’s a unique aspect to That Will Never Work by Marc Randolph that you don’t typically see in business autobiographies. When the book starts, both Marc Randolph and Reed Hastings, the co-founder and long-time Netflix CEO, are already successful. Reed especially, who has also accomplished the rare feat of being involved in the sale of a company, with Pure Altria. Ultimately after numerous ideas, and many car rides together brain storming, the two ended up founding Netflix, initially with the author of the book, Marc Randolph, as the CEO.

While the organization was founded from a place of comfort, not everything was easy. The company experienced numerous failures, even a launch day server crash. More disastrously, they also once sent out porn to subscribers by mistake, when they were instead trying to send out a copy of the Monica Lewinsky trial.

Of course, the greatest failure mentioned in the book may be on the side of Blockbuster, who turned down acquiring Netflix for just $50 million. 20 years later, and Netflix now has a market cap of $100 bil+… and Blockbuster has a single store in Bend, Oregon.

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Comparing mobile measurement partners (MMP)

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Imagine this: your CFO asks about the performance of your mobile marketing spends. You stutter and say you don’t have a way to track their performance. Don’t let this be you. It’s time to evaluate the different mobile measurement partners to implement into your mobile application.

The mobile advertising space is rapidly evolving thanks to regulation, innovation and guidelines from each of the different players. Of course Apple’s App Tracking Transparency guidelines caused massive disruption in the world of mobile marketing, costing Facebook upwards of $13 billion dollars. But that’s not the last disruption to come: soon Android will introduce their own privacy tool called Privacy Sandbox.

So how can you navigate these challenges at optimizing your mobile marketing? With a mobile measurement partner, or sometimes called a mobile measurement platform. Both abbreviated to an MMP.

What is a mobile measurement partner?

Simply put a mobile measurement partner allows you to provide attribution data for your mobile advertising. The conversion and eCommerce data you’re able to get out of Google Analytics for the web is what a mobile measurement partner provides for mobile applications.

A mobile measurement partner is integrated into your application using an SDK provided by the vendor of choice. Your application developers include the SDK in your application and then integrate the required tracking, sometimes called attributions or events. An MMP may also provide you with javascript — sometimes called a web SDK — for web tracking, as well.

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Best Burgers in London and where to find them

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If you’re a burger aficionado, then I have good news for you: the burger scene in London is strong. From restaurants, to pop ups – there’s lots of options and many good ones. Here’s my top 11 burgers in London. Every burger on this list is going to be a burger I’ve ate and enjoyed.

As an anecdotal story, often when traveling to London, especially as an American, you’ll hear, “Oh I hear the food is just awful there.”

That person is completely wrong.

Maybe at one point in time the food wasn’t the greatest in England, but that’s long outdated. The food is great and here’s a secret: the English do a better burger than Americans.

Traveling to London? Make sure to read the guide to do London’s top sights in a single day. See every sight from Tower Bridge to Big Ben in just one day.

The best burgers in London

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Key takeaways from The Ride of a Lifetime by Bob Iger

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I read Ride of a Lifetime by Bob Iger during 2020’s COVID lockdown. In Ride of a Lifetime, Bob Iger takes you through his career ultimately culminating as CEO of Disney. Slight foreshadowing on my opinion of Iger: I hope that CEO of Disney isn’t the real peak of his career and we see him take a role in politics.

Ride of a Lifetime starts with two horrific tragedies. First, the Pulse night club shooting in Orlando, Florida, which happens while Iger is attending the grand opening of Disneyland Shanghai. We learn that the shooter had initially targeted Disney however security had scared him off.

On the same Shanghai trip, a 2-year old boy, Lane Graves, is killed in an alligator attack at Disney. Defying instructions by his legal team, Iger reached out to the family and made a promise to the father the boy’s life would not be in vain. Iger responded by building a fence and increased warning signs just 24 hours after the attack. This is one of the first lessons from Iger, as CEO of a company, you need to take responsibility.

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Guide to London: Your first 24 hours

You’ve just flown for 8 hours from the USA and now you’ve arrived at London’s Heathrow airport. More than likely you’re caught in the immigration line, a rude welcome to England. How can you get to the center of the city? What’s your next move? What should you expect? Let’s get started with your guide to London.

Getting into central London from Heathrow Airport

There’s a few different ways to get into London from Heathrow airport. You get your mix of comfort, cost, experience.

  • Black Cab: ~£65/$85
    • Benefit: private ride to central London, and you get to experience the world renown London Black cabs. Many will offer you their own brief tour, often with political commentary along the way.
  • Uber: ~£45/$60
    • Benefit: cheaper, and typically more comfortable than a Black Cab. Black cabs are also famous for turning down a fare if they don’t like the location you’re going to.
  • Heathrow Express: £22/$30
    • Benefit: 15 minutes to Paddington station, with on-board WiFi.
  • Piccadilly Line: £6/$8
    • Benefit: Most cost effective way to get to Central London. Can be cramped during the work week, and difficult to navigate with luggage.

Where to Start

Let’s hope you slept on the plane ride over. If it’s your first time traveling abroad, I’m going to guess you didn’t. Luckily we have adrenaline on our side and that’ll keep you going throughout the day. In our guide to London, we’re going for efficiency; a way to hit the tastiest bits of London without spending all your time on the tube.

Our Route:

  1. Tower of London
  2. Tower Bridge
  3. Borough Market
  4. London Bridge
  5. Tate Modern
  6. St. Paul’s Cathedral
  7. Covent Garden
  8. Leicester Square
  9. Trafalgar Square
  10. Buckingham Palace
  11. Westminster Abbey
  12. Big Ben
  13. London Eye
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Why Italy needs to be your first trip post-COVID-19

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In 2020 the world was smacked in the face by COVID-19. Freedoms we took for granted on a daily basis – the ability to see friends, eat out at restaurants, attend live sports, and especially, travel – were limited. As much as I love post-apocalyptic fiction, I don’t ever want to live through that again. My life needs to be full of trips to Italy.

When I say Italy needs to be your first trip post-COVID-19, that’s honestly a bit tongue-in-cheek. I would love for Italy to be your first trip you take, but I’ve learned over the past year that even a trip to a mid-western city 3 hours away can be a delight. So I encourage you to use Google Flights, monitor Spirit’s $9 Fares, watch Frontier’s Discount Den… do whatever you need to do to find cheap flights, and take them.

Once you are ready to travel internationally, Italy should be at the top of your list… if not, I highly recommend London, England and my London in 24 hours itinerary.

Why Travel to Italy?

Simply put: Italy has something for everyone. Food, architecture, history, religion, art, even beaches. And I’m sorry to the French out there, but Italian wine is the best in the world. Chianti must be experienced with every meal.

See all the details on your trip to Italy

Why We Need Christmas Markets in America

Don’t look now but we’re only three months away from Christmas. And while we Americans won’t be doing any travel to a European Christmas Market this year, I’m hopeful – beyond hopeful, actually – that we’ll once again be invited across the pond some day in the future. For now, we need Christmas Markets in America.

What’s the magic of a Christmas market? Growing up I was used to an ice rink in Cleveland’s Public Square, and a few reefs placed around the city. But nothing compares to the magic of a European Christmas Market.

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