Digesting my thoughts from Shoe Dog, by Phil Knight.

Reading Shoe Dog, I’m early-on reminded of Malcolm Gladwell’s 2008 book, Outliers. In Outliers, Gladwell argued there were many key external factors that helped propel some of the world’s most successful people forward. The most notable being the success of Bill Gates, who had an unusual amount of access to a computer at a young age. Gates, with this access, was able to gain more experience coding than his peers were capable of.

I can’t help think about how many chances Knight had to make Nike a success. How many bailouts did he receive from family, and friends? How many connections did he use to grow the business? It’s not that he didn’t work hard, but there was always a solid “floor” if things went awry.

… and perhaps this is a credit to Knight. How many (now successful) businessmen out there are humble enough to admit to their mistakes? How many would admit the amount of support (re: financing) provided by their parents? Another reviewer on Goodreads suggested another name for this book could have been “Buck Naked” with the way Knight shared all. And after Shoe Dog, I think Buck Naked would’ve been the second best title for this book.

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A lot of people use the terminology lead, contact and account interchangeably in regards to prospects in their CRM database. However when it comes to Salesforce, there are actual differences in the three. Differences that may result in some confusion, and as a result you may not get the functionality you expect in certain situations.

To start, I’ll explain the differences.

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Update: Unfortunately WOW filed bankruptcy March 28th, 2019, ending the flight between Keflavik airport and Cleveland, Ohio. However Aer Lingus now flies direct from Cleveland to Dublin, Ireland with 70+ European destinations available from Dublin

It’s been since 2009 that Cleveland had a transatlantic flight. Signs weren’t positive that we’d see another any time soon, especially after the de-hubbing of Hopkins Airport by United Airlines. But after nearly 10 years, in 2017, Hopkins was awarded with not one, but two airlines deciding to serve Cleveland with a transatlantic flight. Iceland Air initially made their announcement, then shortly after WOW Air announced, they too, will serve Cleveland with European flights through Reykjavik, Iceland. WOW, despite making the announcement after Iceland Air, launched service first. Iceland Air will launch later this month (May 2018).

First – WOW is a low budget carrier. Yes, the planes fly just fine – in fact their fleet is relatively new. However, like Spirit Air, and Frontier, when you purchase a seat you’re getting just that – a seat. Food, beverages, and luggage will all cost you extra. Don’t worry, use of the bathrooms is included in the cost of your flight. I’m going to be honest. I fly budget carriers quite often throughout Europe. I pack light and purchase food & drinks in the airport. To me, the only difference between your legacy carriers and budget carriers are the types of people flying on them.

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